Minneapolis Shrubs and Landscaping

A beautifully landscaped garden can visually enhance the look of any home. Coming home to a garden filled with colorful flowers and perfectly manicured shrubs is a great way to brighten any day. Furthermore, with the right combination of flowers and shrubs, you will be able to add value to your home. Give your neighbors something to talk about – consider a shrub and perennial makeover for your yard.

Shrubs and Perennials

Shrubs and perennials look beautiful in a number of areas and can add depth to any front, back or side yard. Together they can brighten up your yard and add both color and texture to your outdoor living area. Furthermore, they can provide shade in the hot summers and privacy throughout the year.

One of the best things about shrubs and perennials is the selection. The choices and possibilities are endless. Many people will choose to plant a mixed flower bed to add color to their home while others prefer to stick to the traditional shrubs as a focal point for the yard. It is up to you what colors and combination to choose. However, one of the problems is that, due to the large selection and numerous combinations of shrubs and perennials, it can be hard to decide what is best for your landscape.  You will want to find a combination that is visually pleasing, that complements your yard and landscape and that add value to your home.

Shrub Selection

First of all, how large is the space? You will want to choose flowers and shrubs that enhance your area. Choosing shrubbery that is too big for the given space can create a crowded look.

Secondly, why do you want the shrubs in the first place? Are you looking for privacy from the neighbors? If so, then a number of large bushy shrubs are probably your best bet. Or, are you looking to draw attention to a certain focal point in the yard? If this is the case, then one large bush may be the better option. Are you looking to add some color to your yard? Then choosing shrubs that blossom might be the best option. Or perhaps you want to add texture and depth to your somewhat dull lawn – there are a number of evergreen shrubs that will do the trick.

How All American Lawn and Landscaping Can Help

Choosing the right shrubs and perennials for your yard is not as simple as you may think. You can most certainly go to the nearest garden shop and pick out a few bushes you like; however, you may end up with a shrub that won’t grow or that looks out of place in your yard. Why not let us help you with your selection and maintenance? We specialize in shrubbery and perennial selection and can ensure that you choose plants that will complement your yard and thrive in your space.

Serving the Entire North Metro Area

We offer a free consultation on all your shrubbery and landscaping needs. Regardless of whether you want help choosing a couple of plants for your front yard or are looking to completely revamp your yard into a wonderland of plantation, we can help. Contact our team of Minneapolis landscaping experts at (612) 834-1275 .