Retaining Wall Design, MN Landscaping

Retaining walls are not only functional, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and can add value to any home. A retaining wall is meant to hold the ground in place, often used on level sloped landscapes. However, you can build a retaining wall anywhere. Retaining walls look beautiful around a manicured flower bed or building foundations.

They will brighten up the exterior of your home and give your yard that added ‘wow’ factor. At All American Lawn and Landscaping, we can help you design and build your dream retaining wall to perfect your home.

Designing your Dream Retaining Wall

Perhaps the most important question you will need to ask yourself is this: what kind of material are you looking to use? This can be a hard question to answer as the material will depend on your budget as well as the general outlay of your home. If you already have large features in your yard, you may want to choose a material that will complement those features. Interlocking block, wood and concrete are three popular choices for retaining wall materials.

Common Retaining Wall Concerns

When it comes to creating the perfect retaining wall, it is possible to do it yourself if you are particularly skilled in outdoor landscaping and if you have the time. However, most of us do not have the spare time to price the material, design a retaining wall and perform the dirty work involved. Furthermore, because of the cold winters and hot summers in Minnesota, your retaining wall will need to be designed to handle the weather pressure. Using the wrong kind of soil or materials can end up costing you more than just time and effort.

Furthermore, you will need to install a proper drainage system with your retaining wall. Without the proper drainage, your wall can become cracked and damaged. You may also suffer from slime, mineral deposits and rust, all of which will take away from the beauty of the wall.

Minnesota Retaining Wall Services

Instead of spending your free time knee deep in dirt, why not leave the hard work to the experts? All American Lawn and Landscaping have over 20 years of experience designing and installing retaining walls of all shapes and sizes. We understand how Minnesota’s harsh weather can negatively impact your retaining wall and have the tools to work around this.

How All American Lawn and Landscaping Can Help

Contact us today to discuss your retaining wall needs. We offer a free initial consultation where we can discuss your ideas and assess your home. We use a computer aided design program to design your perfect retaining wall to scale. Once you have approved the layout, our experts get to work building the retaining wall of your dreams.

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