Paver Walkway Design, Minnesota Landscaping

Walkways are used to direct people to a feature. This feature could be your home, a fountain, a swimming pool, an outdoor fireplace or a garden bed. A walkway is designed to add style and grace to any outdoor feature – why not show off your front, back or side yard with a walkway designed especially for you? All American Lawn and Landscaping are the experts in all things landscaping, including walkway design and installation. We can help assess your yard, determine the best style walkway for your needs and install a walkway you can be proud of.

Why a Walkway?

You already have a driveway so why would you need a walkway? Below are some of the reasons to consider a walkway for your landscaping needs:

  • Add value to your home
  • Enhance the beauty of your outdoor area
  • Increase the functionality of your home
  • Keep footprints off your yard
  • Makes walking at night much easier and safer

Designing your Walkway

Below are some questions you should consider when it comes to your walkway to perfection:

  • Where do you want the walkway to lead? Are you looking for a walkway that leads to the front door or perhaps you want a walkway that leads visitors to an outdoor patio, waterfall, pond, swimming pool or other feature?
  • What materials do you want to use? You will want to pick a material that complements the house and the overall layout of your yard. Some of the materials to consider include brick, loose fillings, tiles, stones, flagstone and wood.
  • How much space do you have? You do not want a walkway that is too large or too small for the chosen area. Large stones may look bulky in the wrong place while small stones may be pointless if the yard is exceptionally large.
  • Where are your high traffic areas? You will most likely want to put a walkway where most people will walk. A walkway that is completely out of the way may not be used.
  • Where are your features located? This may include any gates, flower beds, shrubs and trees and other landscaping features. You don’t want your walkway to crash into a tree but you may want your walkway to highlight these features as best as possible.

St Paul Landscaping Company

Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple yet elegant walkway or an extravagant winding walkway, our experts at All American Lawn and Landscaping know you will be satisfied with our work.

We offer a free initial consultation where we will discuss your options and assess your walkway needs. Using a computer aided design program, we will create your dream walkway to scale. Once you have approved the design, we will get to work, installing a walkway that will enhance the entire look and feel of your outdoor area.

Serving the Entire North Metro Area

If you are considering a walkway to complete your landscaping, or if you are looking to completely makeover your outdoor area, then contact the Twin Cities landscaping experts, All American Lawn and Landscaping today. With over 20 years experience, we will help you with the design and installation of your walkway and other features. Call us today at (612) 834-1275 .