Minneapolis Pond Design and Installation

A garden pond may be the thing to freshen up your outdoor area and really make your yard pop. There are a number of different pond designs. While some ponds will hold fish and other critters, others are actually used as swimming holes. However, most ponds will simply add an element of style to your backyard.

A pond can be a great addition to your garden bed or the perfect feature to take up some empty space. Regardless of the reasons why you are considering installing a pond in your yard, consider All American Lawn and Landscaping for all your design and installation needs.

Why Pond Design?

Everyone has a different reason for adding a pond to their landscaping dreams. Below are some of the common reasons why a pond may be the right feature for your home:

  • Add value to your home
  • Provides a serene and tranquil setting for outdoor gatherings and al fresco dining
  • Provides hours of fun for children and adults (as well as your four legged friends who will love to cool down in the backyard during those stifling summer days)
  • Complements the other features in your yard such as any trees, walkways and garden beds
  • Add beauty to your outdoor spaces
  • Create a natural oasis without the artificial look

Pondering a Pond…

Many people are hesitant to install a pond or other outdoor feature because of the hassle of upkeep and the cost of maintenance. However, a pond is one of the easiest outdoor features to install and provides an affordable option for your backyard. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain and are affordable. They have a natural look and feel to them and you will not be overwhelmed with electricity costs and other upkeep bills.

Our Minnesota landscaping experts can help you from start to finish with the design and structure of your pond. We can help with design choice and materials – are you looking for a small structure around the garden or perhaps you want a larger pond with a waterfall? Do you want stones around the pond or maybe a concrete wall? What about edging? We can give you the options, assess your space and work within your budget to deliver the best design possible.

Minnesota Landscaping Experts

Once we have assessed your yard, we will create your dream pond using a computer aided design program. At your approval, our installation experts will get to work installing the pond of your dreams. We will then walk you through the maintenance needed to ensure your pond lasts forever.

All American Lawn and Landscaping have over 20 years experience designing and installing ponds in the Minnesota area. We are affordable, dependable and experienced in all Minneapolis landscaping services. Contact us today for a free consultation at (612) 834-1275 . Experience backyard bliss with a garden pond designed especially for you.