Minneapolis Landscaping Edging Experts

Edging is one of those things that may not seem all that important. After all, if the rest of the lawn looks incredible, who is going to notice that the edges are not manicured right?

If you leave just say ‘forget it’ and omit the edging part of landscaping, then your eyes will no doubt always go to this missing piece of the landscaping puzzle. Why stop at nearly perfect? Our Minnesota landscaping company can provide you with the perfect edging design to complete your landscaping project.

Living on the Edge

Proper edging will make that transition from the lawn to the patio, from the flower bed to the lawn, from the driveway to the garden, etc. look natural and well manicured. It can also make lawn maintenance a lot easier. With proper edging, mowing, weeding and trimming will be made a lot easier. You can mow in a straight line without worrying about uneven edges. Edging can also provide a root barrier to prevent invasive lawn grasses and keep mulch in place. Furthermore, edging will provide a cleaner look to your lawn, adding value to your home.

And, best of all, edging is an inexpensive way to update your yard and complete your landscaping project.

What Edging Can Do For Your Yard?

One of the ways edging can highlight your yard is by showcasing your flower beds and shrubs. A good option for a flower bed may be a stone wall around the edge. Many homes will choose a wood finish for their edge. Edging can also provide a beautiful contrast between your bright green lawn and your driveway. You can choose a variety of colors to complement or contrast your yard. A dark slate edge around your yard can make a bold statement. You can even choose colors to complement the flower options in your garden. Red roses may look even more beautiful with a bold red brick edge.


Edging Considerations

There are a number of edging options that can be used to complement your yard. All American Lawn and Landscaping work with wood, metal, plastic, stone, brick or concrete. We can adapt the material for both straight and curved areas and work with all budgets and tastes. No edging job is too big or too small.

Minneapolis Edging and Landscaping

Are you ready to live on the edge? Call our Minnesota lawn and landscaping experts today to discuss your edging options. We know that all yards are different. Our designers can help you determine the best edging material for your desired look and install your edging choice quickly and professionally.

Over 20 Years Experience in Edging

Regardless of whether you have a specific vision or have no idea what you want, we can help assess your yard and match the perfect edging solution for your needs. We are the affordable edging experts in Minnesota. For a free consultation on your edging and landscaping needs, contact All American Lawn and Landscaping at (612) 834-1275 .