All American Lawn and Landscaping

When you look outside your window or arrive home from a long day, do you feel that your yard is lacking that certain ‘wow’ factor? Do you want to do something to update your yard but are unsure what needs to be done?

Or, do you have a certain vision for your dream yard but don’t know where to get started? Whatever the case, All American Lawn and Landscaping can help you get the dream design for your yard.

Lawn and Landscaping Services

Minnesota is known for its natural beauty. Why spend those warm summer nights and cool winter days indoors when you can celebrate your surroundings and enjoy your backyard. Inhale the lovely scents of spring listening to the tranquil sounds of your garden fountain. Heat up the cold winter nights with a warm glass of wine in front of your outdoor fireplace, or cool down during those hot summer days with a pond and waterfall fixture. Contact All American Lawn and Landscaping today for all your needs.

How Can We Help

We provide the following lawn and landscaping services:

Regardless of whether you are looking for a one-time service or a weekly schedule for your lawn maintenance, we can provide you with expert service, advice and care that you should expect from a landscaping company.  We have serviced thousands of lawns over the years and provide you with a comprehensive warranty on our designs and installations.

Design and Installation Process

All American Lawn and Landscaping offers a free initial consultation for our customers. We will come to your house to discuss your options and your vision. Our designer can assess your backyard and help you select the landscaping features and designs that will complement your lifestyle and your home. From fence installation to fireplace design, from waterfall maintenance to walkway installation, we have what it takes to make your yard the talk of the neighborhood.

After we have assessed your backyard and come up with a plan, we use a computer aided design program to create your dream backyard. We provide you with an accurate and detailed proposal of your lawn and landscaping design before getting to work. Once you have approved the design, our experts will get to work. We will then walk you through the maintenance or set up a schedule and continue to service your lawn as much as you see fit.

Serving the Entire North Metro

When it comes to All American Lawn and Landscaping, you are in the driver’s seat. We are committed to creating your dream yard.  If you want to update your backyard, for whatever the reason, then now is the time to make your move.  Contact All American Lawn and Landscaping today at (612) 834-1275 .